My Vision for the UWS

 1) A Safe Place for All. The UWS must be a place where every single person can live and work without fear. Maria will fight to ensure that our city government provides our neighborhood with our fair share of resources to ensure public safety for all and will work to return the neighborhood to the safe community that it has been. 

2) An Education System that Works for Every Student. New York spends by far the most on education per student of any State in the US, and yet our schools continue to fail our students. We must do more to help our students achieve, not lower standards. Our schools must have the goal of preparing every student to fully participate in the workforces of the future.

3) Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Our City. Decades of failed policies to address the mental health needs of our city’s most at risk populations have led to a major crisis. As we face social isolation and increasing homelessness, the City must step up and ensure equitable access to mental health services for those who need them the most.

4) Bringing Back Our Small Businesses. The UWS has always been characterized by its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and other small businesses. They define the character of our neighborhood. These businesses normally account for about half of local jobs. We must ensure that businesses are getting the community, financial and institutional support that they need to keep our economy thriving.
It took decades of hard work and community building to create the safe, diverse multi-generational neighborhood that is the UWS today. The loss of our sense of safety is impacting every aspect of community life, from shopping at local stores, taking the children to the playground, sitting on a bench on Broadway, walking the dog in our beautiful parks, enjoying outdoor dining, riding the subway to work, to even crossing the street.

For our community to recover from the destabilizing and disruptive impact of Covid-19 we must restore our communities’ sense of safety and security. We will do this through investing in our small businesses, ensuring equal access to Mental Health resources, and bringing together all members of the community to help build the UWS back better.

Committed to listening and working with all Upper West Side constituents. 


I am running because I see the potential for the UWS to unite and execute a plan to help the UWS bounce back stronger than ever…


Maria Danzilo will not let the neighborhood down. She will listen to and be responsive to your concerns. She has the skills, background, work experience, knowledge and temperament to work with competing interests when controversial issues arise and will find solutions that will unite us.


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